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14-Year-Old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry Set To Graduate College With 3.9 GPA

tinyHGNlogosampWhile other teenage girls are enjoying their last weeks of summer getting tans, giggling over their crushes and preparing to enter high school, Thessalonika Arzu-Embry will be graduating from college. The 14-year-old Illinois resident receives her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Chicago State University in August, and while we’re sure you’re just as in awe of this child prodigy as we are, Thessalonika says her college experience has been quite normal despite her young age.

She told The Daily Herald: “My college experience is a traditional college experience for me  it is just that I have completed it faster, I am very excited about joining others in having the opportunity to contribute to society in a significant way”

Arzu-Embry currently has a 3.9 GPA, is a member of CSU’s honor college, and serves as a student senator. She gives props to her mom, who home-schooled her and pushed her not to have a mediocre education, for her impressive academic career she’s had thus far, saying she’s been  able to achieve such success because of the discipline her mother instilled in her.

Thessalonika’s routine consists of rising early, praying, and working out. She then reviews her homework during her hour-long commute to her college campus, and then goes on about her day as any other undergrad would.  After she graduates next month,, Thessalonika plans on pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science or Stanford University before opening a clinic with her mother.tinycolorHGN

Written By: Lauren R.D. Fox
Source: Madame Noire
Photo By: Clutch Magazine/The Daily Herald
Website Link: http://madamenoire.com/286571/14-year-old-thessalonika-arzu-embry-set-to-graduate-college-with-3-9-gpa/

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