Women of Power

Erica Campbell Defends New Single “I Luh God”

KRYSJOURNAL - Erica-Campbell-Help-2-Album-Artwork-500x330tinyHGNlogosamp I remember back in ’97 when Kirk Franklin came out with “Stomp.” As a young girl growing up in the that specific era of Hip-Hop I played that cd over and over and over again. Haha, I’m definitely telling my age with the cd player reference, but it’s true! For the first time I really felt a Gospel music to youth connection. It’s only because it was relatable to me that I memorized every word and can still rap Salt’s bars to this day.

With that being said times are changing and so are the ways to approach youth about identifying their reciprocation of God’s love. However, there has been a bit of backlash concerning Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell after she recently released her new single “I Luh God.” Many are saying that the beats and instrumentals favor Trap Music. This genre of music is known to have aggressive lyrics. Even the genre title derives from a place where drug deals happen. There’s a fine line between conforming to the world and reaching people of the world who are in need of Christ but isn’t that for God to judge?

tinycolorHGN*** Food for thought; Imagine how many lives can be transformed if Gospel music were brought to these places. Here’s Erica explaining the motive behind the song. If you ask me, love it, I love it. Click the video to watch!


Written By: Krys Journal
Source: Her Good News
Photo By: Erica Campbell’s Album Cobver
Website Link: https://hergoodnews.com/2015/06/27/erica-campbell-defends-new-single-i-luh-god/

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