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Say Hello to Sofia Ashraf

Sofia AHGNlogosamp

You might not know her name just yet, but you should remember it. Because Ashraf is the most bada** Indian rapper out there. And she wants to take down big companies for alleged environmental pollution in her homeland.

This former-creative-at-Ogilvy-&-Mather-turned rapper has released a video openly criticizing Unilever, one of the largest clients of her former employer. The video comes as part of the petition asking Unilever to take responsibility for mercury poisoning in the city of Kodaikanal, India.

“[Unilever’s thermometer] factory operators did not give its workers any protective equipment or information about the disastrous impact that mercury has on health,” the petition explains. ” [They] also dumped toxic mercury around their plant, and this has not been cleaned up in the 14 years since this plant was shut down.”

Ashraf is not happy, and she wants big companies to know it.


Written By: Danute Rasimaviciute
Written Source: A Plus
Photo Source:
Website Link:

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