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Essence Atkins Washes Woman’s Feet in Act of Sisterhood

EssenceAtkins1Essence Atkins has taken the power of sisterhood to new heights.

While at Atlanta radio station, Hot 107.9, to promote her new stage play, Things Your Man Won’t Do, Atkins humbled herself in front of a total stranger to acknowledge and celebrate the bond that Black women share.

In a video, originally posted on Facebook by Michael Adeyeye, the actress is shown washing the feet of a woman she had just met.


“This wasn’t planned for me to do this,” the actress emotionally proclaimed. “Sisters, it’s important that we love on each other. It’s so important. I know I just met you today but I know the road you walk.”

Be Somebody to Lean On: How to Keep Your Sister Circle Strong

As the woman placed her face in her hands, Atkins continued.

“I want you to know that you’re beautiful, and I want you to know that I got you, that I support you and I love you. And if we don’t give that to each other y’all we are lost. We will never be what we can be.”

The woman, Allison Pecola Person, later reposted the video and added her commentary as to why she was moved to tears at the hands of Atkins’ actions.

“You may know her as Yvette from Smart Guy, Kareenah fromDeliver Us From Eva, or Dee Dee from Half & Half,” Person wrote. “But I now know Essence Atkins as an exuberant woman of GOD who performed a random, yet powerful, act of GOD and it’ll forever be in my heart. I wish I could put into words how this blessed me but it’s just one of those things.”

Relating to the scripture John 13:14, Atkins said, “I get down here on my knees, the way Jesus got down and I give to you, and I say to you thank you. Thank you for your strength, for your beauty, for your tenacity, for your integrity, for your intelligence, for your kindness, thank you.”

Written By: Lauren Porter
Written Source: Essence
Photo Source:  https://ioneelev8.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/essence-atkins dot jpg
Website Link: http://www.essence.com/2015/11/16/essence-atkins-washes-womans-feet-act-sisterhood

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