Women of Power

Black Woman Engineer Launches ‘Blind’ Job Match App To Take Bias Out Of Tech Hiring

stephanie_LStephanie Lampkin learned to code at age 13. By 15, she was a full-stack web developer, fluent in the languages of computer programming. She has a Stanford engineering degree and an MBA from MIT.

Still, she recalls making it to the eighth round of interviews in pursuit of a gig at a well-known tech firm in Silicon Valley, only to be told her background wasn’t “technical enough” for a role in software HGNlogosampengineering.

“The recruiter told me a sales or marketing job might open up,” she said. She ended up at Microsoft MSFT -8.80%, where she spent five years in a technical role. Still, she wonders about that early rejection, and whether being a young African-American woman hurt her chances.

This month, Lampkin is set to launch a job matching tool aimed at removing just that sort of lingering doubt from the tech sector job hunt.

Her app Blendoor lets job seekers upload resumes, then hides their name and photo from employers. The idea, says Lampkin, is to circumvent unconscious bias by removing gender and ethnicity from the equation.




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