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Kelly Price Earns Her Doctorate Degree In Philosophy

Kelly Price Doctorate DegreeWhen the masses heard Kelly Price’s glorious vocals on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam,” a rightful reaction was “Where has she been” The answer? Studying to earn a doctorate degree.

Taking to Instagram to share her notable accomplishment, Price posted a photo in her cap and gown, which also revealed that she was the valedictorian of her class. Taking a moment to bask in her new title, she celebrated the new moniker “Dr. Kelly C. Price.” “Super sleepy but this is the best ‘tired’ ever. Graduation day over and today is my first full day as Dr. Kelly C. Price #honored #blessed #newbeginning #AmazedByHisGrace #UltraLightBeam #Grateful,” she wrote.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Price shared that Fonzworth Bentley, a co-producer on “Ultralight Beam,” was the one who reached out to her to sing on the Life Of Pablo track. Though the track was still in its beginning stages, the final product is one that she said was “preordained,” evident by how everyone involved contributed to the standout final product. She was also probed about what the phrase “Ultralight Beam” means, and she offered a simple reply.

“Oh, God. That’s what it means to me. People have their own interpretation of what they call ‘a higher power’ or what they call ‘a divine power,’ the ‘ultralight beam’ is, to me, the brightest of all light, the highest authority, the one thing that cuts through the darkness and the ugliness of the world, of war, of poverty, of life, of evil in any form. It’s the ultra light.”

Following her graduation, Price’s children showered her with cards and gifts. Peep her Instagram celebration below: KP FlowerKP 2


Written By: Iyana Robertson
Written Source: Vibe
Photo Source: Instagram: @mskellyprice, bellashayy
Website Link: http://www.vibe.com/2016/02/kelly-price-earns-doctorate-degree-philosophy/

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