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Ayesha Curry Lands Cooking Show On The Food Network

tinyHGNlogosampAyesha Curry just checked another accomplishment off of her list.

The proud mom has recently connected to The Food Network’s latest list of new shows,Forbes reports. In an effort to extend their audience, Curry will host cooking program temporarily titled, At Home With Ayesha. The up and coming cookbook author will more than likely be a connection to her popular YouTube Channel title, Little Lights Of Mine.

Curry is also working on an upcoming project with series with Glad. Another celebrity on the program list is comedian David Alan Grier. The Carmichael Show star will host a foodie-lover show with Grier traveling all over the nation for succulent tastes.

Congrats to Ayesha… but umm, can we get a to go plate?


Written By: Desire Thompson
Written Source: Vibe Entertainment
Photo Source: Instyle Magazine and VH1
Website Link: http://www.vibe.com/2016/03/ayesha-curry-the-food-network/

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