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You’ll Never Guess which songstress Willow Smith is Concocting a Jazz Album with…

jene aiko1Jhene Aiko and Willow Smith planning jazz album.

jhene and willow
Jhene Aiko and Willow Smith are about to head out on Aiko’s Trip Tour but the two artists won’t be done with music just because they’re touring.

Jhene Aiko just recently announced her new tour in support of her album Trip and she’s taking Willow Smith with her, but Aiko says there’s no downtime on tour. In a recent interview with Billboard, Aiko said her and Smith will be working on a possible album together. She said, Ill have a studio on my bus, and she can come through with her guitar.

Id never considered myself a performer, but now Im super into how I present these songs. This time, I want to take the audience on a journey, have them feel what I went through — I want them to think theyre tripping balls. People like Willow and me, were super connected to this music and our message. We really want to change the world. – Jhene Aiko

The musical duo briefly discuss the idea of making a jazz album; the two have glowing reviews of current jazz artists. Aiko says, I think we should do a jazz album. Smith responds, Lets! Honestly, we can get a bunch of musicians in a room and just vibe out. The two have an undeniable chemistry and both relate to each other’s music so strongly, it would be easy to see how a collaboration would work. Fans of either artist can only hope that sometime after – or better yet, during – the “Trip Tour” that Smith & Aiko get to create some new jazzy work in the studio.

Written by: Emily Treadgold of Explica

Photo by: Billboard,


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