Founders Note

ja3a1829.jpgTo the wonderful subscribers of Her Good News: is an information gathering website that serves as a database for anyone searching for positive news about women of color.

For the past 7 years I have been wearing many hats, two being a Freelance Writer and Multi-Media Journalist. Operating through those lenses I saw the need for a platform to showcase the many outstanding accomplishments mainstream media likes to sprinkle on the internet and television screens every once in a while.

I saw a need for girls who look like me to see themselves represented in acts of success, uniqueness, creativity and power. Through the Her Good News brand we aim to influence a healthy culture shift in the way women are perceived in the media by focusing strictly on good news.

As a proud HBCU Alumnae with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies, I’ve taken the time to create a safe space for readers who enjoy the combination of wow factor content and fact based articles.

I encourage you to search through the tabs and don’t forget to subscribe, share & discuss the content with your friends and family.”

With Love,

Krys Journal



  1. I am beyond proud of you. Krystal you have accomplished one of your goals and you are such in inspiration to younger and older woman… I love you and keep up the good work. HE’S NOT DONE WITH YOU YET.. GLEVEN GREATER COMES LATER


  2. Krys, absolutely stunning! You exemplify dreams blossoming into their fullness giving hope to that little girl who will somehow encounter your works and want to be just like you. Continue standing out and not fitting in. Sending love to your heart as mine spills over in joy for you!

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