gridWelcome to your very 1st information gathering-database for the BEST NEWS about Women of Color! Search through our tabs to find published articles from a plethora of sources.
How It Works: Many of our stories are originally published on other sites. Each article entails its rightful attributing byline including the website source, photo credit (provided the content has been retrieved elsewhere) and link to the original article. The purpose of this site is to gather stories, articles and messages that support and uplift ALL women of color. 
HGN Topics: Absolutely Athletics: Women of color who are changing the game of sports through leadership and excellence! International Update: Great global news outside of the United States! Our Youth: Extraordinary accomplishments of children between ages 0-20! Women of Power: Inspirational women who are paving the way for generations to come!
Illy - Photo
Make-Up Tutorials with Beauty Marked Illy!
News To Contribute: Are you constantly surfing the net to share and re-post great articles with your friends and family? Are you holding any event that you’d love to see on this website? We would love your input in that regard. Please send an e-mail to hergoodnews@yahoo.com telling us about your event! We look forward to hearing from you soon.
What’s New: Help us celebrate the soft re-launch of www.hergoodnews.com THIS FALL!! The website will include 4 NEW categories including Make-Up Tutorials, Art and Leisure, Brooklyn Outreach and our Shopping center where you can purchase Her Good News tote bags, sweatshirts and journals. Let’s not forget our spotlight. Next month could be you! Check out our latest Spotlight special on Vh1 Relationship coach, Author and Entrepreneur, Tionna Smalls as we celebrate the importance of women’s history. 
Careers: How You Can Help: Her Good News is looking for your input! If you seek to intern with us please send your resume and a letter of interest to hergoodnews@yahoo.com
Click on the “Menu” option tab at the top of the site to search through positive content we can share with the world!HGNlogosamp

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